The Overseer

Teacher, Evangelist, Prophet

Francis Aidoo is the General Overseer of God Is Able Ministries International. A five-fold Ministry based in London, England; whose vision is to affect the spiritual and physical state of humanity through the gospel of Jesus Christ and to set people free through deliverance, by the power of the Holy Ghost.

He is a teacher, itinerant evangelist, prophet with a unique preaching ministry, and a Healing and Deliverance Minister. He is in great demand at Believer's Conferences and is noted for Spiritual Warfare.

Francis Aidoo is a yielding vessel through whom the Holy Spirit speaks and moves to achieve God's eternal purpose of aligning man to His will. As a result, he projects Jesus and Jesus alone.

The Lord who called him into the Healing and Deliverance Ministry has been confirming his Ministry with Signs and Wonders following. The Preaching of the Gospel and the Ministry of Deliverance has taken him to the four corners of the World.

Through his firebrand Prophecy, Deliverance, Teaching, and Evangelism with a unique Preaching Ministry, he has been a blessing to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The supernatural abounds in his meetings across the body of Christ by his obedience to God and simplicity of faith. Thousands of people have been challenged to walk Beyond the Natural.

He is blessed with four girls: Deborah, Alberta, Phoebe and Rhema Aidoo.

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