The Church

Vision Statement

God Is Able Ministries International (GIA) is an Apostolic Ministry ordained by God with a vision to teach, practise and to reveal the power and the love of Jesus Christ with the aim of restoring the broken lives of many around the world, and to set captives free from the kingdom of darkness through this continual ministry of prayer, teaching and charitable works.

The GIA family believes the Bible to be the inspired word of God infallible in its original writings.

Read more on our Statement of Faith.

Purpose of the Church

In order for the Church to accomplish its Mission in the World, it must:

  • Understand its Nature and Purpose.
  • Make Plans to accomplish this Purpose.

The Purpose of the Church is of Three Fold:

  • To Worship God (John 23-24, Colossians 3:16)
  • To Edify the Believers (2 Peter 3:18, 2 Timothy 3:14-17)
  • To Evangelise the Unbelievers (Mark 16:15, Luke 23:44-49)

Worship, edification and evangelism should be the major pre-occupation of every local church that wishes to glorify God.

To accomplish these objectives of the local church, the Ministry is organised into various Departments to facilitate growth in our local congregations and missions.

Administratively these departments are grouped into three divisions which would be headed Ministers divinely called into this area. Consequently, every Minister in G.I.A must seek God and choose one division where he/she would function in the Ministry.

The three Divisions of the ministry are spelt out in accordance with the vision of the ministry are as follows:

  • Evangelism: Setting captives free from the kingdom of Darkness
  • Pastoral: Teaching God's Word
  • Missions: Helping the needy

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